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I have more than 20 years experience with the Social Security Administration, most recently as an SSA Administrative Law Judge.  I understand the requirements for Social Security disability, retirement, and survivors' benefits.  I know the eligibility requirements for Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

As a former employee of the Social Security Administration (SSA), I have taken many claims for the various types of Social Security benefits and for SSI.  As an Attorney Advisor, I wrote numerous disability decisions and researched Social Security statutes and regulations.

As an SSA Administrative Law Judge, I held approximately 700 hearings and decided/disposed of a total of 1,000 cases.  Most of these cases involved disability issues.  Now I am ready to put my experience to work for you!


Social Security Benefits and SSI Payments

In cases before SSA, I know what evidence is needed to decide a claim.  If the medical evidence warrants, I will ask for SSA to review your case "on the record" even before a hearing date is set.  In appropriate cases, I will work with you to obtain medical evidence to submit to SSA and, prior to the hearing, I will prepare a letter brief to the Administrative Law Judge, citing the relevant Social Security/SSI regulations and the evidence in your file which supports a decision in your favor.

I primarily accept cases at the hearing level:  Cases which have already had a Request for Hearing filed, or cases denied at reconsideration which need to file a Request for Hearing.  I can help you file an appeal online.  Contact me as soon as you receive a reconsideration denial letter so we file a timely appeal, within the deadline set by SSA.


Fees and Expenses

The initial consultation is free.  My fee must conform to the amounts set out in Social Security statutes and must be approved by SSA.  For cases with retroactive benefits, I get paid only if you win your case, and my fees are often withheld from your retroactive check before you get it (25% of retroactive benefits, maximum $6,000).

For cases involving Social Security and SSI disability cessations, SSI age 18 disability redeterminations, and other general Social Security/SSI issues, fees can be paid by retainer on a monthly installment plan.  In this case, I accept monthly payments while the case is pending, and deposit them into my law firm escrow account.  At the resolution of the case, I will petition SSA to approve my fee amount, based on my hourly rate and the number of hours I've worked on your case.  If SSA does not approve the entire amount you have paid as a retainer, I will return the difference to you.

Win or lose, you may be responsible for expenses, such as obtaining medical reports, extensive travel, or extraordinary copying/postage.


General Information

I will work with you and for you throughout the entire process, obtaining necessary evidence and presenting your case to the Social Security Administration in the strongest possible way.  For disability cases, once your medical evidence is submitted, it may be appropriate for me to formulate a legal theory as to how you meet the disability standards. I will consult with you when I take your case; keep you updated on the progress of your case via phone, mail, and/or email; explain what will happen at the hearing; go with you to the hearing; and advocate for you each step of the way. You don't have to face the government alone!

Atlanta, Georgia Social Security Claims Law Firm Office hours by appointment only.

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Experience counts!
Put my experience to work for you!

The Marilyn P. Hamilton Law Firm is an independent law firm, not practicing law with Jean Padberg or any other attorney. While my practice is limited to representation of clients before the Social Security Administration, the State Bar of Georgia does not recognize any attorney as a specialist in any area of law. Although no one can guarantee that you will win your case, I will give your case my personal attention and best effort.

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